Foodie Friends Founders

Naturally, DFW Foodie Tours was founded by two great friends & foodies who share a love and passion for experiencing, exploring and eating different cultural cuisines - and sharing it with others! Irma Kusuma and Teresa Nguyen lovesssss food & lovessss learning about it, the people behind it and its history.

Irma had started an ethnic food meet-up group for Dallas that grew to the thousands because she wanted to meet-up with others who loved trying and eating ethnic food. Teresa owns a PR agency and went from having mostly corporate clients to focusing on restaurants because of her love of good eating and telling the stories of those experiences.

The foodie signs was all there for them to form DFW Foodie Tours. These tours are thoughtfully and mindfully crafted for each person on the tour to have an amazing cultural & culinary experience, leaving with not only full tummies but with full hearts.